I’m Bobby, most people think i’m a 54 year old man before they meet me in person. But really I’m 5’6 and 1001 years young. I direct moving images, I love high pitched singers, yellow and fried plantain, you?

Bobby León

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Welcome here, where I gather my favourite work from the last bit of life. I hope you’ll find a thing or two that you enjoyed watching. You will hopefully gather that I’m powered by fun, that a team’s joy is the best thing on set, and I strive to get there every time ︎. I’m into bright and deep work, it keeps everything balanced.

Fun Facts

  1. My name is really Bobby
  2. Actually, it’s Bob on paper
  3. Yes, it’s on my passport
  4. You want me to prove it?
  5. Let’s grab coffee then ;)

© Bobby León
Representation ︎︎︎ Rodeo Production (Montreal, Toronto)
© Bobby León