Mr. Munro ︎︎︎ Film

Mr. Munro is a short film inspired by the photographic work of David Picard and Andrew Ly. It is a visual poem that follows a mysterious character dressed as if the swamp is his world, wearing garments and carrying a demeanour evocative of an uncanny mix of Patrick Bateman and Edward Scissorhands. Mr. Munro speaks in verses, describing his journey from inner darkness to inner light. ChatGPT provided the poem, which was then edited by Juliette Garcia León for human touch and relatability. This structure of writing made way for creating a storyline that feels uncanny-canny.

The visuals are accompanied by evocative music and sound design, creating a unique and surreal atmosphere. Experience the strange story of Mr. Munro and his journey through this captivating short film.

Creative direction: Andrew Ly & David Picard
Model: Christopher Munro
Writing: Juliette Garcia y León

2023_Shortlisted at the Berlin Fashion FIlm Festival

2023_Nominated at the Tokyo International Cinema Awards

2023_Awarded Gold at the Madrid Shorts Film Festival

2023_Awarded Silver and Bronze (Best experimental short, production design, sound design, web and new media at Independent Short Festival (LA)

2023_Awarded best fashion film at the Berlin Indie Festival

© Bobby León
© Bobby León